Saturday, November 3, 2012

My first hand-made greeting card

My First hand-made card  :)

Aren't flowers one of the best ways to express love and affection?

This punched card with flower pattern achieves the same while being simple and sweet :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I pity u, Sachin

  • When you play badly, you are blamed.
  • When you score a century, again you are blamed cuz ur century is considered as a bad luck for the team by some stupids.
  • You get out in nineties and people complain that you have nervous 90's problem.
  • You score 100 tons. who cares? We blame you for not getting 400 runs in an innings.
  • Sehwag's duck on a final will go unnoticed. But Tendulkar's poor score is a national disaster.
  • Dhoni can claim to be a super hero with one good innings in the final. But you will be criticised for faultering in just one innings.
  • Many times, you had been helpless watching wickets falling on the other side. And people blame you for not 'finishing' the match.
  • You scored a ton immediately after coming from your dad's funeral. Yet people call you 'selfish'.
  • You fullfilled the expectations of billions all these 21 years and now people call you 'old'.
  • Probably there cannot be any player who handles more pressure than you.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Very 'odd' semester

This is my last year in college and none would ever want to spend his/her 7th semester like this... The fact that the staffs handling theory are quite 'okay' didn't give us any kind of satisfaction since the elective lab faculty chose to give us all kinds of torture single-handed. Adding to this misery, we have classes in I block (where you can't take your bag inside :x) and that too in the fourth floor. And we were not allowed to use lifts. A notice above the lift says: lift only for staff(mentally challenged? ;) ) and physically challenged. Our timetable is the worst one can ever frame. No free periods in the afternoon and classes on Saturday too! With 3 main projects (network security project, prelim project work and DCA project) and 8 other projects in elective lab + placement preparations + 7 theory subjects including the fast track, no wonder this semester seems to be a very 'odd' semester...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My experiments with vtv songs

I have always wanted Rahman to work with Gautam menon. That's because, Gautam menon is a director who extracts the best out of his music directors (remember, minnale, kaaka kaaka and varanam ayiram). So, naturally I had huge expectations about 'vinnai thandi varuvaya' album. Already, promo of songs hosanna and omana penne had created a great hype for this album. I was eagerly waiting to hear the songs since its music launch in London. Now, that wait is over and I got the opportunity to listen to all the songs.
To be frank, I wasn't much impressed with the songs in the first hearing. All songs sounded just ok. But, Rahman has this magic which works only if you hear his songs repeatedly. Once you get addicted to them, you cannot come out of them for lifetime. The same applies to this album too...
Mannipaya - I thought that this was an ordinary song in my first hearing. There was nothing captivating in the beginning. But, now Im addicted to this song. Shreya Goshal has rendered this song so beautifully with neat tamil pronunciation. And, Rahman soon joins her and makes your heart melt when he sings the lines, "melum melum urugi urugi unai enni yengum idhayathai enna seiven?" I love this song for its lyrics too... There cannot be a more beautiful soothing melody in recent times than this song.
Hosanna - This song is already a great hit. This peppy number has great variations. Blaaze's rap is the highlight of this song. Apart from this, the way the song ends is really awesome. "yen idhayam udaithai norungave? en maru idhayam tharuven nee udaikave!!!".
Omana penne - This song is one that captures your heart instantly. Watch out for the part sung by a female singer. That has classical touch to it. The part which I liked the most in this song is when the singer sings the lines, "oru parvai, siru parvai uthirthal uthirthal pizhaipen pizhaipen!"
This song will be liked by everyone whatever may be their preference/taste in music.
Anbil avan - This is another peppy number. This somehow reminds me of 'marangothiye' song from A Ah. There's a part where you hear christian music. Soon you hear nadaswaram music. Good fusion!
Kannukul kannai - Another peppy number sung by Naresh Iyer. Loved the lines, "un nanban illai; nan vanin nila... un nanban illai; nee en uyirin vizha!".
Aromale - A very different attempt. I liked it after repeated hearing. 'swasthi swasthi' part is captivating. Wish I could understand the malayam lyrics...
Vinnai thandi varuvaya - This is one song which I could'nt fall in love with even after repeated hearing till now... But I must admit that I liked the ending part. Maybe, I should listen for few more times...

Overall, its a very good album. Don't compare it with any other album in the past. This one is stunningly very different and very fresh. You have to trust Rahman fully. He never disappoints you :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My imaginary story 2 - It's all fate

Nothing went right for Sathish since morning. His dream was to get into the 'isoft' pvt ltd. He attended that interview in the morning. He did answer well in the interview. But, unfortunately, the manager selected another candidate who had a strong recommendation from the local M.L.A instead of selecting the much talented Sathish. To add to this disappointment, his mom called him in the afternoon and reminded him that the last day to pay for the debt is 24th of that month. Sathish was aware of the fact they will have to lose their home if they fail to return the debt amount within 24th.And Sathish had no idea about what he was going to do to get rid of all his problems. "Why am I so unlucky?" , he thought to himself. Just then he realized that it was 3 o clock and he hadn't yet had his lunch. He walked into the nearby restaurant and ordered limited meals. Something caught his eye while he was eating. It was a cellphone. The person who was eating in the nearby table should have missed it. He took it. He wanted to hand it over to its owner. He switched it on. He could see a person's photo in the mobile screen. It must be the photo of its owner. 2 minutes later, the cellphone started ringing. Sathish attended the call. "Hello sir!", the voice at the other end shouted. "Hello! Actually, this is Sathish...", Sathish said. But before he could complete the sentence, the voice at the end said, "Sir! One very good news. PVG pvt ltd have agreed for the deal and so we are going to get a profit of 1 crore rupees, sir!". That's all. The call ended. Stupid airvoice network coverage! The call ended abruptly due to it. Another 2 minutes went. A message came to that cellphone. It was from Kavitha. Out of curiosity, Sathish opened the inbox and read that message- " Ram,I love you too. U will be wondering y I said no yesterday. When u asked suddenly, I din't know what to reply. But, now I have decided. I wanna marry u. :) ". "What a lucky guy he is! First, there was a call telling about 1 crore profit and now a message from his girl friend saying that she is ready to marry him. Why don't I have at least half of his luck?", Sathish said to himself. Saying this, he left the restaurant. He was on the way to his home. Just then, an unexpected thing happened. A car collided with a lorry in front of his eyes. Sathish stopped his bike and got down from it. He went near the car and looked inside. He was shocked to see the face of the person inside the car. It was the face which he saw in the mobile. The man was still alive, but he was in an unconscious state. He called the ambulance immediately. Ram was admitted in the nearby hospital. The doctor came out of the operation theatre and said that there's an urgent need for AB -ve blood and there's no stock of it in the hospital blood bank. Since Sathish himself had the same blood group, he said that he is ready to give his blood. An hour later, Sathish was informed that the operation was successful. But, Ram hasn't yet gained consciousness. Sathish saw his dad's number in the cellphone, called him and informed him about the accident. His dad rushed to the hospital. He saw Sathish and thanked him for saving his son's life. By that time, Ram regained his consciousness. His dad explained him what had happened and told him how Sathish had saved his life. Ram too thanked Sathish and told his dad that they need to do something in return. Ram's dad offered a job in his company. "Come to isoft pvt ltd tomorrow. You are appointed as the general manager there", said Ram's dad. Sathish was shocked. It was his dream to work in that company. He became so happy and thanked Ram's dad for offering the job. In the afternoon he was grumbling for being so unlucky. But, now Sathish could not believe his own fortune. A sudden turn of events within 3 hours of time! That's luck. You never know when the lady luck smiles at you!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Music and me - part 2

In this post, I am going to list 2 more songs which are not so popular among non-rahmaniacs.

sithirai nilavu - vandicholai chinnarasu

Many of you may not know that ARR has composed music for the film 'vandicholai chinnarasu'. But, many of you may have heard the song 'senthamizh naatu thamizhachiye' which is very famous for its lyrics. But, my pick of the album is 'sithirai nilavu' song. Its a soul-soothing melody. This song gives you a feel similar to what you get when a gentle breeze touches you in a pleasant morning.

Theekuruviyai - kangalal kaidhu sei

Kangalal kaidhu sei album is one of the masterpieces of Rahman. But, it is sad that it remains as one of the most under-estimated albums of ARR. I enjoy each and every song in this album. But, 'theekuruviyai' is my most favorite song in this film. Harini has sung the song very well. Forget about picturization (I virtually cried when I saw the song on TV. Very bad picturization x-( ) But, the song is just awesome. Kudos to the writer for penning lyrics for such a complex tune.

PS: I know nothing about music. I just post my comments on what I like.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My favorite lyrics - part 1

Nenjam ellam (Ayitha eluthu)

"Un kuraigal nan ariyavillai;
Nan arindhal suriyane sutham illai!"

None is perfect in this world. Imperfection is a kind of beauty. A man need not be perfect to win a lady's love. This has been brought out beautifully in the above lines...

Newyork nagaram (Sillu nu oru kadhal)

"Nan inge; Neeyum ange
Indha thanimayil nimishangal varushamanadheno?
Van inge; neelam ange
Indha uvamaiku iruvarum vilakkamanadheno?"
"Jil enru boomi irundhum indha tharunathil kulir kalam kodayanatheno?
Va anbe neeyum vandhal sendhanal kooda panikkati pola marume!"

A beautiful metaphor is used to show how the hero misses his sweetheart. This remains as one of my most favorite lyrics...