Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I pity u, Sachin

  • When you play badly, you are blamed.
  • When you score a century, again you are blamed cuz ur century is considered as a bad luck for the team by some stupids.
  • You get out in nineties and people complain that you have nervous 90's problem.
  • You score 100 tons. who cares? We blame you for not getting 400 runs in an innings.
  • Sehwag's duck on a final will go unnoticed. But Tendulkar's poor score is a national disaster.
  • Dhoni can claim to be a super hero with one good innings in the final. But you will be criticised for faultering in just one innings.
  • Many times, you had been helpless watching wickets falling on the other side. And people blame you for not 'finishing' the match.
  • You scored a ton immediately after coming from your dad's funeral. Yet people call you 'selfish'.
  • You fullfilled the expectations of billions all these 21 years and now people call you 'old'.
  • Probably there cannot be any player who handles more pressure than you.

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