Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Very 'odd' semester

This is my last year in college and none would ever want to spend his/her 7th semester like this... The fact that the staffs handling theory are quite 'okay' didn't give us any kind of satisfaction since the elective lab faculty chose to give us all kinds of torture single-handed. Adding to this misery, we have classes in I block (where you can't take your bag inside :x) and that too in the fourth floor. And we were not allowed to use lifts. A notice above the lift says: lift only for staff(mentally challenged? ;) ) and physically challenged. Our timetable is the worst one can ever frame. No free periods in the afternoon and classes on Saturday too! With 3 main projects (network security project, prelim project work and DCA project) and 8 other projects in elective lab + placement preparations + 7 theory subjects including the fast track, no wonder this semester seems to be a very 'odd' semester...

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