Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 was great!

Now, another year has passed by and what a delightful year it has been for me! 2008 was an eventful year in my life with a lot of lessons learnt, different experiences and sweet memories to cherish.
2008 was a year which I will not easily forget. It was in this year I changed myself a lot. The year 2008 completely changed my attitude towards certain things. I started to look at the positive aspects of things. I learned to respect others' thoughts and actions and started observing only good things in people!
2008 also brought me good fortune in several aspects. It was in this year I got my new mobile and more importantly my scooty pep +. :) I also got new, good friends.Topping all these pleasant things, another significant event occurred. I crossed gp 9 for the first time and it brought me boundless joy. There were a lot of reasons to smile in this year.There were a lot of reasons to celebrate... Sachin Tendulkar broke Lara's record and proved that he is the best in the current era. Bgm and two of the songs of A.R.Rahman (from Slumdog millionaire) have been nominated for oscar.He rocked in Ghajini. These two men once again proved how great they are and made a happy and proud fan.What else should I ask for? Im satisfied with whatever happened in this year. Though, there were few incidents which were unpleasant, the other happier incidents make me forget those...
Im beginning the new year hoping that this will be as pleasant and memorable as the last year or may be, more pleasant than 2008. 2008 was great... Welcome 2009!