Monday, May 25, 2009

Funny poem about my 4th sem

Immersed in an ocean of operating systems,
Enduring the torture of system software,
Completely clueless about the theory of computing,
Trying to master the database technology,
Designing and analysing the unknown algorithms,
With lab exams on saturdays,
And much worse vivas on sundays,
With assignments only half done,
With math homeworks never done,
With not-so-good average in internals,
There goes the life of a CSEian in 4th sem in tech....
CSE sucks...
But CSEians do rock for sure...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

music and me - part 1

There are quite a lot of songs which have been my favourites. Most of them were composed by A.R.Rahman. In this post, Im going to write about two of my favourite songs.

1. I miss you da
This song from Sakarakatti went almost unnoticed because it was overshadowed by another song from the same album. Taxi taxi was the massive hit of the year and was clearly the most favourite song of the album for many people. But, my personal favourite is 'I miss you da'. Frankly speaking, I disliked this song on my first hearing. But, on repeated hearings, I fell in love this song and this song turned out to be my most favourite song in that album.Rahman has tried a different genre and has succeeded in giving a trendy song. Who would have expected chinmayi to sing a song like this? But she has sung it so beautifully, giving the right feel to the song. This song captures the feelings of a girl who misses her sweetheart. I especially loved the line, "Fm il kadhal padal ketkum bothu........". I was happy about the fact that they show only Vedhika in this song and not the other heroine whom I disliked.

2.Porkalam ange
This is another song which went unnoticed. This song from Tenali sung by Srinivas and Gopika Poornima is one of my all time favourite songs. This is a sweet,melancholic melody with some great lyrics. Again, the female singer has given the right feel to the song. I loved the part when the male and female singers sing together the lines: "unnai engu pirikiren? unakul dhane vazhkiren. Anbil unnai alakiren. Anichai seyalai ninaikiren". I also loved the line, "unaku piditha ulagam vangi unnai angu vaikiren. Nimidam nimidam kanavil ninaivil kudithanam nan seigiren." The song ends on a happier note with the lines, "porkalam illai, poovil kayam illai. Punnagai theevil uyirum thevai illai."