Monday, May 25, 2009

Funny poem about my 4th sem

Immersed in an ocean of operating systems,
Enduring the torture of system software,
Completely clueless about the theory of computing,
Trying to master the database technology,
Designing and analysing the unknown algorithms,
With lab exams on saturdays,
And much worse vivas on sundays,
With assignments only half done,
With math homeworks never done,
With not-so-good average in internals,
There goes the life of a CSEian in 4th sem in tech....
CSE sucks...
But CSEians do rock for sure...

1 comment:

Karthik said...

Semester exam vanda program eludaama kavidai eluduradhula nalla concentrate panra...

All the Best.. PQT, ADC la unakku irukka??