Monday, October 19, 2009

Music and me - part 2

In this post, I am going to list 2 more songs which are not so popular among non-rahmaniacs.

sithirai nilavu - vandicholai chinnarasu

Many of you may not know that ARR has composed music for the film 'vandicholai chinnarasu'. But, many of you may have heard the song 'senthamizh naatu thamizhachiye' which is very famous for its lyrics. But, my pick of the album is 'sithirai nilavu' song. Its a soul-soothing melody. This song gives you a feel similar to what you get when a gentle breeze touches you in a pleasant morning.

Theekuruviyai - kangalal kaidhu sei

Kangalal kaidhu sei album is one of the masterpieces of Rahman. But, it is sad that it remains as one of the most under-estimated albums of ARR. I enjoy each and every song in this album. But, 'theekuruviyai' is my most favorite song in this film. Harini has sung the song very well. Forget about picturization (I virtually cried when I saw the song on TV. Very bad picturization x-( ) But, the song is just awesome. Kudos to the writer for penning lyrics for such a complex tune.

PS: I know nothing about music. I just post my comments on what I like.


Raja said...

Yeah..its indeed one of the best song of Rahman till date!! Great to see a rahman fanatic like me!!!

umesh said...

keep posting on such underrated gems of Rahman.
Good job!