Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rahman and Oscar

I am writing this 22 days prior to the announcement of Oscar award results. Feb 22nd is a red-letter day for all Rahman fans. The maestro is all set to grab the Oscar award. At this point, one question arises in everyone's mind. Is SDM the best composition of ARR? Has he not done better albums in the past? Can SDM stand near his own masterpieces like Roja and Dil se?

The problem with ARR is that he has achieved everything very early. The dream of any composer in Indian film industry will be to win a national award. And, Rahman got it in his debut film. Not just once. He received the national award for 5 times.He has set a high standard for himself. People tend to compare each and every composition of Rahman with his own compositions like Roja and criticise him unnecessarily. But, frankly speaking, even his worst composition will be better than the compositions of an average composer. A batsman can't hit a century in every match, right? The same applies to music also. But, we must feel happy for the fact that he has continued to delight us with his soulful numbers even after 18 years. It is not easy to be consistent like him.

SDM is really good. But, its definitely not his best. SDM may not deserve Oscar. But, Rahman surely deserves it. He deserves it for what he has done to Indian music. He deserves it for giving mind-blowing numbers all these years.He deserves it for making the life of millions of his fans pleasant with his music.He is the one who revolutionised Indian music and took it to the next level. As Rahman himself said, he has to win it for India. I wish him all the best. Jai ho, Rahman! :)

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