Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I thought it is better to start my blog today coz today happens to be my b'day! September 10!!! This is the day when the quarterly exams usually begin in schools. So, on my every b'day, I used to have exam during my school days... But I have never really felt for it... Now, I am in college. I thought that I can enjoy my b'days here after. But what to do? Now, I have internals instead.Today, I had two internals. Those 2 were the subjects in which I had scored low marks last time :( . I sincerely prayed that I should do well today. Thank God! I did them better than last time. :)
Coming to my interests, I like listening to music and Im a die-hard fan of A.R.Rahman. He is the one who revolutionised the Indian music and definitely there is some magic in his music. His songs are like slow poison and they keep haunting me. :)
I love to watch cricket, especially when Sachin Tendulkar bats. Obviously, he is my favourite cricketer. I think he is an all-time great cricketer and he can be rated next only to Sir Don Bradman...
I have found many similarities between Sachin and Rahman. The most important one being their humility. I wonder whether their greatness gives them humility or their humility makes them even greater. Both started their career in the early 90's and they have been role models to a lot of youngsters. I am proud to be their fan.... :)

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